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Cut Flowers

Create a strong assortment with our Cut Flowers

HilverdaFlorist has a wide range of Cut Flowers. With products like Limonium, Dianthus, Gerbera, Alstroemeria, Gypsophilia, Hellebore and Scabiosa we offer the best products for every season.

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HilverdaFlorist is the Gerbera specialist in breeding and propagation in Cut Flowers.

All our solutions are tailer-made for your demands and market. The Gerbera assortment consists of Standard Gerbera, Mini Gerbera and specialties Piccolini, Pomponi, FireworX and Purity. The strength of the Gerbera product is its hard colours, year-round availability and wide range. Gerberas are beautiful in bouquets and arrangements.


Standard Gerbera, Mini Gerbera, Piccolini, FireworX, Pomponi, Purity

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Green, deep purple, dark red, yellow, champagne, soft orange, salmon pink, white or combinations of colours

The Standard and Spray Dianthus of HilverdaFlorist are available in countless varieties. Uniform growth, countless shapes, colours and growing speeds are some of the unique points for which our Dianthus is known.


Standard Dianthus, Spray Dianthus

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Twisted leaves and beautiful, brightly coloured flowers

The Alstroemeria is beautiful addition in the HilverdaFlorist Cut Flower assortment. Besides the Standard Alstroemeria, Florinca is eye-catching variety in the collection. The multiple flowers that appear on the stem, makes the Florinca perfect for a beautiful bouquet.


Alstroemeria, Florinca

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Sparkz is the unique Dianthus collection of HilverdaFlorist.

The concept contains a wide range of unique and eye-catching carnation types and varieties with distinctive shapes and striking colours. Breanthus are real eye-catching because of its voluminous and spherical flower heads. Breanthus is propagated from cutting and tissue culture and year-round available. Parzival is propagated from cuttings for single stems production. The flower is an addition to the bouquet by its striking uniform, large round flowers. Raffine is charming because of its elegant ruffled flowers. The flower has an outstanding keeping quality for transport and a long vase life. Solomio appear high on the stem, the result is a truly surprising flower with fresh, bright vivid colours. The shape of the flowers of Star makes it an original and distinctive series. Last but not least is the Green Series. Green stands for the high quality green segment in the Sparkz collection. The flowers have amazing shapes with a green flower head without petals.


Breanthus, Parzival, Raffine, Solomio, Star, Green

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Limonium (Statices) is an excellent addition to any bouquet and corsages.

From cerise to white of blue, the Limonium of HilverdaFlorist offers a nice flower for everyone. All of the Limonium of HilverdaFlorist is suitable for both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. Our Wings series, Limonium Sinuatum, are available in a wide many pastel shades. This colourful flower have the advantage that they retain their colour when dried. Our Diamond series, Limonium Sinensis, assures you consistency and high quality in a year-round basis. The Perennial Limonium draw close attention of their strong stems.


Wings, Diamond, Perennials

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The flowers of the Hellebore Magnificent Bells have beautiful rounded greenish-white petals.

They are perfect for creating special bouquets, but are equally fine as a bouquet on its own. Its long stems with splendid flowers easily have a vase life of two weeks. Its special cultivation characteristics make it possible to grow the Hellebore all year-round.


Magnificent Bells

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Scabiosa is a beautiful wild flower.

Each long (50cm) slender stem bears a lovely pincushion-like flower with elegant petals. The Scabiosa from HilverdaFlorist is known for his very high production and strong stems. Scabiosa varieties are available in white, pink, red and blue and are perfect for creating exclusive arrangements.


Gypsophila belongs to the Cariophyllaceae family.

HilverdaFlorists Gypsophila Zinzi is a variety of Baby’s Breath that produces beautiful, pure white flowers with a very long keeping quality. What makes this variety so special is that it’s flowering stems can be arranged quickly and easily – a characteristic that makes them perfect choice for growers and florists. Zinzi flowers at the end of spring and lasts until autumn sometimes two or three flowering flushes, depending on the region.

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