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Create a strong assortment with our Pot, Patio and Garden plants

HilverdaFlorist has a wide assortment of unique annual and perennial plants. All with exceptional and strong characteristics for every climate and market. Our assortment consists of high quality products that complement each other on the patio, garden or in your home.

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Gerbera is available as pot, patio and garden plant.

The Garvinea® is the only Garden Gerbera with great weather tolerance. The robust garden plant offers countless long-lasting large flowers. The Garvinea Cheeky series is the mini-flowered gerbera and a real flower-powerhouse. Patio Gerbera series has it all: show stopping large flowers, vigorous crop and intens colours. The premium quality Pot Gerbera Sundayz series offers long-lasting double flowers, for brightly coloured displays. Sundayz can be used indoors and outdoors. Last but not least there is the Flori Line indoor pot gerbera series. Available in serveral pot sizes from micro to giant and strong Seasonal Mixes. Perfect to create joyful seasonal displays and cosy living rooms.

HilverdaFlorist Garvinea Garden Gerbera Classic Femmy

Garvinea Sweet, Garvinea Cheeky, Patio Gerbera, Flori Line, Sundayz

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Create a colourful display with our patio and garden Alstroemerias.

Inticancha is a series of strong pot Alstroemerias that are easy to maintain and will flower continuously from Spring until Autumn. The Inticancha is perfect for a patio or a balcony. The Summer Paradise Series is the tallest and most vigorous garden perennial. The plants will produce an unbroken display of flowers from May until November.


Inticancha, Summer Paradise, Summer Valley

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The versatile Dianthus is available in several series and as an annual and perennial plant.

Every series has its own characteristics that make it unique. Sunflor is compact and can used indoors and outdoors. Odessa is a true garden Dianthus with longer stems. The Beauties are low in maintenance, strong in colour and perfect for rocky gardens and groundcover. Flow steals the show with big and bright flowers and is easy to care for. There’s the perfect Dianthus for every garden, patio or home.


Flow, Sunflor, Beauties, Odessa

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The Salvia Salgoon® series are vigorous plants with many side shoots.

The Salvia is a hummingbird and bee friendly plant, with exeptionally long flowering stems. This series is available in four colors. In every variety the stems, foliage and flowers have a beautiful contrasting dark color. This series is based on the same strong genetics, grows uniformly and has a heavy bloom set.


The Echinacea MOOODZ® series is a fast series of flowering Echinacea from tissue culture.

This plant is more voluptuous and creates more flower buds compared to the Echinacea from seed. These uniform varieties don’t require any cold for vernalisation. The MOOODZ® series is available in bright vivid colours, in compact and medium crop and with great garden performance.


Echinacea MOOODZ

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Hellebore are extremely heat & cold tolerant and appropriate for controlled growth by programmed cultivation.

The most striking part of the Hellebore are its flowers and flowering period. The flowers of the Interspecific Winterbells has beautiful sepals, with their lime green color and super ornamental value. The Orientalis assortment stands out in after Christmas sales with its unique colours and flower shapes. The Niger: Awesome! Series is the perfect plant during the festive season with its big bright white flowers. Hellebores are perfect to giving colour in the cold days.


Orientalis: Glamour, Niger: Awesome!, Interspecific: JWLS

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Rebel®, the cheerful, saucy, brightly colored Dahlia that loves sunshine.

Rebel® is an attractive decorative Dahlia with firm stems and big double flowers. If properly cared for, the dahlia will continue to flower until the first night frost.

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