Garvinea Cheeky

Garden Gerbera with cute small flowers

Garvinea Cheeky

The Garvinea Cheeky Series is a series in the Garvinea Garden Gerbera Assortment. Garvinea® Cheeky has a compact crop and shows its cheeky mini flowers from Spring until Frost. The small-flowered series consists of four strong colours; Magenta, Orange, Red and Yellow. The strong Garvinea genetics form the basis of this uniform plant. Don’t be misled by the cuteness, because the Cheeky Series produces the highest flower count of all the Garvinea Series.


Key features

  • Garvinea with cute small flowers
  • Highest flower count in Garvinea Series
  • Suitable for cultivation in smaller pot sizes
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators
Garvinea Cheeky Series HilverdaFlorist

New: Garvinea Cheeky – Pink

Garvinea Cheeky Pink is the first pink addition to this series. The Garvinea blooms from early spring until the first frost, with high resistance to disease and pests.


  • The only gerbera suitable for the garden
  • Flowers from spring to frost
  • High and low temperature tolerant
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Annually for garden & terrace


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Promotional Materials

We’ve created promotional materials to help you promote our Garvinea Cheeky Series. Go to our download page to download High Resolution images, cultivation manuals and more. In need of a more tailor-made solution? No problem! If you are a grower, exporter or retailer please feel free to contact us to discuss the promotional possibilities.

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