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Exceptional range of glamorous colours


Helleborus Glamour® varieties have great ornamental value, an exceptional range of colours and unique flower shapes. This garden perennial starts flowering in December and keeps on flowering during spring. This spring Rose is perfect to kickstart your sales after the holidays into the new year.


Helleborus Glamour HilverdaFlorist

Key features

  • Unique flower shapes
  • Exceptional colour combinations
  • Compact to medium plant habits
  • Strong plants that can withstand the cold


“Glamour® varieties have exceptional colours and unique flower shapes”

With their exceptional ornamental value, unique flower shapes, and an extensive color palette that includes captivating pink and purple tones, the Helleborus Glamour® varieties are a must-have for garden enthusiasts and retailers looking for varieties that add colour during the colder months.

HIGHLIGHT: Purple Flame

Enjoy the remarkable beauty of Purple Flame, which is fast flowering and adds a vibrant touch to the garden. This gorgeous plant has vigorous growth, double flowers and a beautiful purple hue.

Key features

  • Vigorous growing plant
  • Stunning purple colour
  • Double flower
  • Easy and fast growing


Be amazed by the stunning deep purple colour of Helleborus Glamour® Elance! This vigorous growing plant has a big flower diameter and will be an eye-catcher in any garden during the winter time.

Key features

  • Vigorous growing plant
  • Stunning purple colour
  • Big flower diameter
  • Easy and fast growing

Promotional Materials

We’ve created promotional materials to help you promote our Helleborus Glamour®. Go to our download page to download High Resolution images, cultivation manuals and more. In need of a more tailor-made solution? No problem! If you are a grower, exporter or retailer please feel free to contact us to discuss the promotional possibilities.


HilverdaFlorist-Helleborus Glamour-Strawberry Moon
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