HilverdaFlorist acquires Royal series from Takii

HilverdaFlorist acquires Royal series from Takii

HilverdaFlorist is pleased to announce the acquisition of the gerbera Royal F1 series from Takii. Since 2021 both parties have collaborated to accelerate pot gerbera breeding and seed production. This successful partnership has resulted in a strategic step for both companies; the acquisition of the complete gerbera Royal series by HilverdaFlorist.

HilverdaFlorist will continue with the breeding activities and seed production as initiated last year, and in addition will take over the sales starting of November 1st 2022.

The hybrid Royal series is a perfect addition to the strong Pot Gerbera assortment of HilverdaFlorist. Royal is an established brand with a long successful history. It’s known for its high uniformity, strong colors and suitability for larger pot sizes. Combined with the current assortment of FloriLine and Sundayz, HilverdaFlorist confirms to have the strongest assortment in uniformity, genetics and diverse pot sizes to meet any customer demand.

Both family businesses have a long shared history and have collaborated strategically in many areas for years. Royal’s new fit with HilverdaFlorist helps the gerbera specialist to maintain a strong position in a rapidly changing pot gerbera market and allows Takii to develop in other emerging pot- and bedding segments. Takii and HilverdaFlorist work closely together to ensure a smooth transition that safeguards the delivery of excellent quality material.