HilverdaFlorist new tagline

HilverdaFlorist launches tagline and corporate video

On to a flourishing future

10 JANUARY 2024, DE KWAKEL, THE NETHERLANDS – It is a forward-thinking start to the new year for HilverdaFlorist with the launch of a brand new tagline and corporate video. The company, which originated from a merger in 2020, has since then been refining its corporate identity. Matching the mission statement “Excel together for a flourishing future”, this new tagline sets the tone from 2024.


Create. Share. Flourish.

“Create. Share. Flourish” is HilverdaFlorist’s new tagline. This forceful tagline represents three different phases of both HilverdaFlorist, and its connection to the entire floriculture chain. Create represents what happens in the company, as one of the first factors in the chain. As a breeder, HilverdaFlorist creates new varieties in both cut flowers as potted and garden plants. Besides that the HilverdaFlorist team is working on growth opportunities, innovative methods, sales possibilities and much more every day.

Following Create, comes Share which represents the process of sharing of course the products and services but also knowledge and insights with customers, partners and the rest of the supply chain. HilverdaFlorist strives to share knowledge to stand strong together within the fast changing industry. In conclusion, Flourish represents what both HilverdaFlorist and its network do together, as a result of the previously mentioned points. Just as their products within the assortment literally flourish, HilverdaFlorist works with colleagues, partners and associates to create a flourishing, yet sustainable and responsible future together.

New corporate video

Parallel to the launch of the new tagline, HilverdaFlorist also shares its new corporate video. This video captures HilverdaFlorist’s business processes combined with its global sales and production network. The core values; Ambition, Innovation, Partnership and Reliability are highlighted and besides that, you’ll take a short journey through the history of the family business.

HilverdaFlorist tagline

HilverdaFlorist aims for an internationally leading position in breeding and propagation of ornamental plants and flowers with a focus on distinctive genetics and creating added value for customers and partners, taking into account the impact on people and the environment. To learn more about HilverdaFlorist, please visit hilverdaflorist.com.