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HilverdaFlorist starts construction of new greenhouses with Bosman Van Zaal

HilverdaFlorist starts construction of new greenhouses with Bosman Van Zaal

HilverdaFlorist continues with the development and construction of their greenhouse complex at their main location at the Dwarsweg in De Kwakel. The construction includes almost 5.4 acres of new greenhouses and 7000 m2 of industrial halls on the adjoining land at the Achterweg. The construction will begin in Spring 2021 and will be operational at the start of 2022. The contract for this construction has been signed recently by HilverdaFlorist and Bosman Van Zaal.

The new greenhouses will be Venlo-type greenhouses and a cabrio greenhouse for the best development of the young plants. The greenhouses are fully equipped according to the concept of Smarter Growing (Het Nieuwe Telen concept) and are covered with diffuse glass. The Venlo greenhouse has an integrated insect netting system.

After the expansion the whole greenhouse complex will house the total production demand for young plants of HilverdaFlorist in The Netherlands. The watering- and climate control system will be installed by Stolze. The decision to work with these two companies is based on a long-term relationship, in which quality, reliability and continuity are important factors.

Arthur Koekkoek, Director Operations, R&D and Supply Chain at HilverdaFlorist explains: “The development of the new greenhouses is completely in-line with the ambitions of the company. Our ambition is to be the leading breeding- and propagation company with the most innovative products in the selected crops.” With the realization of this greenhouse project HilverdaFlorist wants to give a boost to the reliability and standards of high quality output in the horticultural industry. The location can be used more efficiently and there is more space for the young plant production and for research and the development of new products. This will all be realised to continue to deliver high quality plant material and innovative products to our customers.


HilverdaFlorist focuses on the breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. This is done with a strong drive and focus on innovation. HilverdaFlorist is the supplier of high-quality young plant material suitable for every climate and cultivation requirements.

Bosman Van Zaal

Bosman Van Zaal is a family-owned company, specialised in the development, production and installation of well thought-out horticultural projects and has an extensive team of engineers and horticultural experts at its disposal. This enormous technical diversity within the organisation forms the basis for the sophisticated technology used in the development of laboratories or test greenhouses for the food and pharmaceutical industries, but which is also extremely suitable for the realisation of high-quality production greenhouses. Together with progressive entrepreneurs from the horticultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the science sector, we are building the future of crop production. From vision to solution, anywhere in the world.


Stolze has been a renowned name in the horticultural sector since 1969. With over 140 employees, Stolze has become the specialist in the field of electrical and irrigation technology, grow light, automation and climate technology for the modern horticulture.

HilverdaFlorist en Bosman Van Zaal
HilvrdaFlorist, Bosman Van Zaal, Stolze
HilverdaFlorist_Beeld-3_ 1

Picture 1, from left to right: Bart Sneek, Marc Rost, Nico Reijm, Ben van der Heide, Arthur Koekkoek, Marco Braam, Gerard Peek.

Picture 2, from left to right: Marc Rost, Arthur Koekkoek, Bart Sneek, Nico Reijm, Jilles Goedknegt, Gerard Peek, Marco Braam, Patrick Piet, Ben van der Heide.