HilverdaFlorist IPM Essen 2024

Recap: HilverdaFlorist at IPM Essen 2024

30 JANUARY 2024, DE KWAKEL, THE NETHERLANDS – HilverdaFlorist is looking back on a successful week at the IPM Essen 2024. At this event, HilverdaFlorist presented a diverse and vibrant range of both the Pot, Patio & Garden and Cut Flower assortment. Also, the recently presented tagline “Create. Share. Flourish.” blasted on the walls, as a basis for inspiring conversations.

New Pot, Patio & Garden varieties

HilverdaFlorist’s booth stood out as a visual spectacle, in line with the previously developed design late last year during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer and IFTF in Vijfhuizen. Once again, visitors could lose themselves in the dark pink themed stand full of surprising products. Part of this consisted of the Garvinea® Garden Gerberas: long-lasting outdoor Gerberas perfect for borders and landscaping. New and promising variety Garvinea® Sweet Blaze was present and gained attention with its eye-catching colour contrast.

Other highlights were 2024 introductions Alstroemeria Intichancha® Hula, Helleborus JWLS® Diamonfire and Salvia Salgoon® Strawberry Lake.

HilverdaFlorist IPM Essen

Cut flowers

One of the highlights of HilverdaFlorist’s presence at the IPM was a presentation of cut flowers. Visitors were treated to a selection of new and promising varieties. Even the EXP Gerbera Marimo varieties were present and attracted lots of attention from creatives with their unique, spheric look. Other highlights were, among others, the new bright white Alstroemeria White Swan, Limonium Sinuatum Mermaid Wings and the Dianthus Sparkz® Series.

HilverdaFlorist cut flowers IPM Essen

New tagline and corporate video

At IPM Essen 2024, HilverdaFlorist presented the new tagline and corporate video publicly for the first time. Create. Share. Flourish. received many positive reactions and the HilverdaFlorist team looks forward to inspiring even many more people with this in the future.


When will we see you again?

The HilverdaFlorist team cannot wait to see you again. Head over to our event calendar and schedule your visit during our upcoming events.