Pot, Patio & Garden Introductions 2024

Discover our new genetics

Pot, Patio & Garden Introductions 2024

We’re proud to share our new Pot, Patio & Garden introductions for season 2024. As you can expect from us our introductions are cutting-edge genetics and premium varieties for which we are the exclusive supplier. All introductions that strengthen the popular brands with valuable varieties for grower, wholesale, retail and consumer.

Inticancha® Hula

Hula brings a new, striking colour combination to our patio range. With its firm and easy growing plant habit, Hula is a great addition to this series. The stunning and large flowers makes Hula an eye-catcher in any garden!

Key features

  • Large flowers with a striking colour combination
  • Fits technically well in the Inticancha® Series
  • Strong and easy growing plant



Inticancha® Sunburst

With Sunburst, we add the first white variety to our heat-tolerant selection. A real asset to the assortment! Sunburst is floriferous, grows easily and combines well with other varieties within the heat-tolerant selection.

Key features

  • Large white flowers
  • Floriferous
  • Easy growing
  • Unique addition to the heat-tolerant Sun Selection


Summer Paradise® Summer Chic

Introducing a unique addition to the Summer Paradise® Series, this plant boasts bright purple flowers with a striking bright white eye. Its full plant habit and attractive dark foliage create a captivating visual contrast. This extraordinary addition brings a touch of distinctiveness and allure to any garden or landscape.

Key features

  • Bright purple flowers with a bright white eye
  • Full plant habit with attractive dark foliage
  • Unique addition to the Summer Paradise® Series

Summer Paradise® Summer Heat

Summer Heat is a standout variety with attractive bright red flowers with a vibrant yellow center. The larger size of the flowers adds to their visual impact, making a bold statement in any garden. Its resilience and stunning appearance make it a perfect choice for those seeking vibrant and long-lasting blooms during the summer season.

Key features

  • Attractive bright red flowers with yellow center
  • Larger flowers
  • Good alternative for Summer Pepper in warmer climates

Garvinea® Cheeky Hot Pink

Meet the first hot pink variety within the Garvinea® Cheeky Series! This quick-to-grow variety has a compact and uniform growing habit. Cheeky Hot Pink is extremely rich flowering.

Key features

  • Intense hot pink colour with green center
  • Extremely rich flowering
  • First hot pink in the Garvinea® Cheeky Series
  • Compact growing habit
  • Quick and uniform flowering

Garvinea® Sweet Maggie

Sweet like candy! Garvinea® Sweet Maggie is the first hot pink variety with a green center we welcomed into the Sweet Series. Be mesmerized by the semi double, elegant flower shape.

Key features

  • First hot pink variety with green center
  • Semi double, elegant flower shape
  • Compact growing habit
  • Rich and endless flowering & quick and uniform flowering

Garvinea® Sweet Blaze

Garvinea® Sweet Blaze is a beautiful bicolour variety with strong contrasting colours: a feast for the eyes. Countless long-lasting flowers will brighten up any garden.

Key features

  • Beautiful bicolour with strong orange/yellow contrast and green center
  • Compact growing habit
  • Rich and endless flowering
  • Quick and uniform flowering

Flori Line® Maxi Golden Yellow BC

Maxi Golden Yellow is the very first gold coloured Flori Line® Maxi variety. This vegetative plant has big and full flowers which are shining just as bright as the sun! This variety fits perfectly in the series.

Key features

  • First golden yellow Maxi variety
  • Vegetative plant with big and full flowers
  • Fits perfectly in the Maxi Series

Flori Line® Maxi White BC Improved

Our well known Maxi White BC is now improved. Same beauty, better genetics. Maxi White BC Improved has a deep black center and pure white colour. A true classic!

Key features

  • Pure white colour
  • Deep black center
  • Improvement over previous Maxi White

Optimum Mix

The Optimum Mix consist of a harmonious blend of happy colours with both green and black centers. Let the large flowers within this mix speak for themselves and amaze your customers.

Key features

  • Best of both worlds! Well balanced mix between Royal and Flori Line® Giant varieties
  • Pot size 15 – 17 cm
  • Available with only black centers as well

Optimum Mix BC

The strong colour contrasts within the Optimum Mix BC create an impressive appearance. Thix mix is a delightful addition to any garden, patio, or indoor space.

Key features

  • Best of both worlds! Well balanced mix between Royal and Flori Line® Giant varieties
  • Pot size 15 – 17 cm
  • Black center mix

Sundayz® Maxi Deep Rose

New to the Sundayz® Series is Maxi Deep Rose. This variety has robust, double shaped flowers with an intense, deep pink colour. This variety is also a great addition to the Maxi Sundayz® Mix!

Key features

  • Compatible with Sundayz® Maxi Mix
  • Robust and double shaped flowers
  • Intense colour, great addition to the mix

Sundayz® Maxi Rose

Maxi Rose brings sweetness to the Sundayz® Series. The bright pink flowers of this variety form a fresh and desired addition to the Maxi Sundayz® Mix.

Key features

  • Compatible with Sundayz® Maxi Mix
  • Robust and double shaped flowers
  • Sweet colour, additional to the mix

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Blueberry

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Blueberry is a remarkable plant that captivates with its rich flowering and intense colour. Salvia Salgoon® Lake Blueberry truly stands out, combining its striking appearance with ease of care and impressive performance.

Key features

  • Rich flowering
  • Intensive colour
  • Strong grower but stays compact

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Como

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Como brings elegance with a unique colour that adds depth and charm to gardens and landscapes. With remarkable flower production and vigorous growth, Salvia Salgoon® Lake Como is a must-have for plant lovers.

Key features

  • New colour addition to the Salvia Salgoon® Series
  • Full of flowers, beautiful garden performance
  • Voluminous plant

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Onega Improved

With its unique, deep and intensive hue, this variety adds a touch of mystique and allure to any garden or landscape. Not only does it showcase a stunning flower colour, but its dark-coloured leaves also provide a striking contrast, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Key features

  • Improved purple colour
  • Unique, deep intensive colour addition to the market
  • Dark coloured leaves

Salvia Salgoon® Lake Flamingo

Lake Flamingo brings a new, fresh pink colour to brighten up the Salgoon® assortment! Like a real flamingo, this variety has an elegant appearance and a strong colour contrast between the flowers and stem.

Key features

  • New fresh pink colour to brighten up the assortment
  • Strong contrast between flowers and stem
  • Compact plant

Awesome!® Heavenly

New variety Heavenly is a true beauty! Be amazed by the bright white flowers and  high flower count, a feast for the eyes during the holidays. The first flowers appear mid-October.

Key features

  • High flower count
  • Bright white flowers
  • First flowers from mid-October

Awesome!® Nagano

We are happy to welcome Nagano to our Awesome!® Series. Nagano meets your needs when it comes to a high flower count and a magnificent appearance.  The first flowers appear mid-October.

Key features

  • High flower count
  • First flowers from mid-October

Glamour® Purple Flame

Enjoy the remarkable beauty of Purple Flame, which is fast flowering and adds a vibrant touch to the garden. This gorgeous plant has vigorous growth, double flowers and a beautiful purple hue.

Key features

  • Vigorous growing plant
  • Stunning purple colour
  • Double flowers
  • Easy and fast growing

Helleborus Glamour® Elance

Be amazed by the stunning deep purple colour of Helleborus Glamour® Elance! This vigorous growing plant has a big flower diameter and will be an eye-catcher in any garden during the winter time.

Key features

  • Vigorous growing plant
  • Stunning purple colour
  • Big flower diameter
  • Easy and fast growing

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