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3 Seasons of beauty with Garvinea®!

During Spring and Summer it’s always fun to try something new in the garden.

Want to experiment with different colours or buy a plant you haven’t seen before? Be inspired by the one and only true garden Gerbera: Garvinea®. Garvineas are to be similar to the well-known cut flower Gerberas you will find at your florists. The big difference is that Garvinea® is a true garden plant, which you can put in soil or in a container. Outdoors it produces an enormous amount of flowers during three seasons of the year – from early Spring to the first frost.

From Gerbera to Garvinea®

Although Gerbera and Garvinea® are different in use and application, they have the same origin. The ancestors of the famous cut flower Gerbera are originally from Asia, South Africaand Tasmania. They mainly grow in areas with humid summers and dry winters. These colourful composites are also called ‘African daisies’. The first Gerbera was discovered in 1737, but it only started to raise interest at the end of the 19 th century in Europe when enthusiastic plant hunters discovered the species Gerbera jamesonii in South Africa. Since then they have become far removed from there ‘roots’, but are definitely here to stay! Gerbera and Dianthus are crops that have been part of the product range for decades.

This Gerbera, with orange-yellow flowers, is the mother of all cut flower and pot plant Gerberas. With the Rose and Tulip there are among the largest flower culture export products from the Netherlands. The Geberas are cultivated using sophisticated methods and are specially selected for their performance in a vase and because of this they are totally unsuitable for outdoor use in soil.

However, by re-discovering Gerberas which grow in nature, where exactly they grow in the wild and which properties botanic species have, we have managed to develop a new type of Gerbera that is indeed suitable for garden use. This hardy Gerbera was named Garvinea®. Garvinea® is a bred variety, that doesn’t occur in nature, but it does reunite the properties of several Gerbera species from all over the world.

HilverdaFlorist-Garvinea® Majestic Light Pink

Garvinea® in your garden

By looking at Garvinea® you will instantly be reminded of the well-known Gerbera. The same flower shape, the same clear and vivid colours. Gerberas from the florist are normally cut flowers or non-hardy pot plants whereas Garvineas® prosper in outdoor conditions. When planted into the garden, they will soon grow a large crop, from with strong hairy stems emerge.

At first the bulky flower buds hang down, but when there are at the verge of opening, they raise their heads as their colourful petals unfold. Although the flowers of Garvinea® are smaller than those of the standard cut flower Gerbera, they are incredibly abundant. A plant sometimes even carries up to twenty flowers at a time.

In terms of flowering time Garvinea® out-performs its fellow-garden plants: new buds are formed from early spring until the onset of frost. As for combinations in the garden there are numerous possibilities. The horizontal flowers and large fresh crops go well with high, thin grasses. Because of their habit and long flowering time Garvinea® is also suitable as a border plant along the border fringes, or use them as accent colour in conjunction with low ground-covering plants. Or why not try them in solitary pots?

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How to take care of your Garvinea® plants

Caring for Garvinea® is simple; petst and diseases are insignificant. The plants require a spot in the sun or half shade and prefer a moist, humus-like garden soil. Give them some extra water when they are in a container, or in times of prolonged drought and a handful of organic fertilizer pellets during Springtime.

Garvinea® Series
Since the introduction of the Garvinea® brand HilverdaFlorist introduced various product series with their own unique characteristics:


Discover our series and find out which one suits your garden best!

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