How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer tricks

How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer: 7 useful tricks!

Flowers bring beauty and joy into our lives. They boost our mood, creativity and symbolize love, gratitude and celebration. By prolonging the life of flowers, we can continue to enjoy their elegance for a longer period of time. But, how do we keep our beautiful bouquets alive as long as possible? In this article, we give you tips to enjoy your flowers longer! Follow these steps and extend the life of your bouquet.

  • First things first: clean vase

To eliminate the possibility of bacteria in your vase, you should first clean it. After cleaning, make sure to rinse your vase thoroughly.

  • Choose the right vase

Make sure to offer your flowers the support they might need. For lighter, more fragile flowers, use a taller vase. Do you have heavy blooms with a strong stem like Gerbera? You can place them in a lower vase and let them shine!

  • Cut the stems

Cutting the stems of your flowers (approx. 0.5 inch) allows them to absorb more water. Be sure to cut them at an angle so that they can continue to absorb water at the bottom of the vase. Recutting the stems each few days will repeat this process. Don’t forget to make sure your knife or scissors are clean.

How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer - Cut the stems - HilverdaFlorist
  • Feed your flowers

Usually a small bag of flower food is included in your bouquet. Adding this to the water helps your flowers to stay fresh for a longer time and makes sure the water is clean. Didn’t you get a bag of flower food? Do it yourself and add a drop of bleach to the water.

Pro tip: do you know our Helleborus Magnificent Bells cut flowers? If you cut these crosswise at the bottom of the stem, they will last even longer.

  • Fresh water for fresh flowers

Just like us, flowers need a fresh sip of water every so often. Therefore, make sure you change the water of your bouquet every few days.

  • Keep it cool

To make sure your flowers will last longer, keep it cool! Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Also do not place your bouquet near open windows, heaters or air conditioners, since they can cause flowers to dehydrate.

  • No fruits allowed

Did you know fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas? This gas can reduce the vase life of your fresh floral arrangement. Make sure your flowers are not placed near your fruit basket.

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