Gerbera Flori Line Midi Red Imp

Flori Line®

The most extensive range available

Flori Line®

Looking for seed-raised Gerberas with the most vivid colours and well defined two-tones on the market? Flori Line® offers that and so much more! You can count on its fast flowering and laser-sharp uniformity in timing and plant size. Flori Line® varieties are well-known for their perfectly balanced proportioned flowers, foliage and year-round availability. This flexible series offers endless possibilities to boost sales and inspire retail and consumers with exciting mixes.

The Flori Line® Series is available from Giant to Micro: from big to small, there is a size for all!

Flori Line Gerbera HilverdaFlorist

Key features

  • Strong solid colours and unique bicolours
  • High uniformity in timing and plant size
  • Available in various sizes; Giant to Micro
  • Synchronized flowering for bench-run sales


“Compose your own unique collection from the most extensive assortment of seed Gerberas”

Discover the extensive assortment in strong colours, from intense solid colours until eye-catching and unique two tones. Flori Line® is available several themed mixes that are perfect for retail.

NEW: Flori Line® Midi Red Imp

Flori Line® Midi Red Improved now offers better uniformity and a more compact growth habit. With a high number of flowers, Midi Red is back and better!

Key features

  • Uniform flowering
  • High flower count
Gerbera Flori Line Midi Red Imp

NEW: Flori Line® Mini Eyecatcher Hot Pink BC Imp

The relatively smaller, yet eye-catching flowers of Flori Line® Mini Eyecatcher Hot Pink BC Imp will brighten up any room! Highly uniform in timing and plant size.

Key features

  • Uniform flowering
  • High flower count
  • Now quicker and more uniform
Flori Line Mini Eyecatcher Pink BC Imp HF

Flori Line® Giant

Giants will definitely be a favourite at retail, because of the enormous attention-grabbing appearance and versatility. The plants are strong, voluminous and vigorous. They carry big and bombastic flowers in stunning colours. Combine a few Giants together in a pot to create a stunning flower arrangement.


Flori Line® Maxi

Flori Line® Maxi consists of varieties with spectacular colours and generous flowers, combined with a strong crop. The perfectly balanced proportioned flowers and crop in combination with the uniform growing habits, create a perfect series for bench-run sales.


Flori Line® Midi

The Flori Line® Midi varieties are uniform and well balanced like the Flori Line® Maxi, but due to the slightly smaller plant and flower size, it’s used for smaller pot sizes. The assortment consists of strong solid and bicolour varieties, and is available in several mixes.


Flori Line® Mini

The smaller flowers of Flori Line® Mini are perfect for floral arrangements or cute mixed planters combined with other plants. Similar to the other Flori Line® varieties, the Mini is highly uniform in timing and plant size.


Flori Line® Mixes

Flori Line® is available in several themed mixes that are perfect for retail! Our assortment provides a variety of vivid mixes designed for various pot sizes. Take for example the Spider Mix with unique Maxi and Mini varieties, the Select Mix BC with only black center varieties or the cozy Autumn Mix. The bright colour palette and fun eye-catching plants within these mixes offer numerous options to be creative with Gerberas all year through.


Promotional Materials

We’ve created promotional materials to help you promote our Flori Line®. Go to our download page to download High Resolution images, cultivation manuals and more. In need of a more tailor-made solution? No problem! If you are a grower, exporter or retailer please feel free to contact us to discuss the promotional possibilities.



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