Pot, Patio & Garden Introductions ’25-’26

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Pot, Patio & Garden Introductions ’25-’26

We’re proud to share our new Pot, Patio & Garden introductions for season ’25-’26. As you can expect from us our introductions are cutting-edge genetics and premium varieties. All introductions that strengthen the popular brands with valuable varieties for grower, wholesale, retail and consumer.

Dianthus Beauties® Romee

With Romee we welcome the first white garden perennial Dianthus within the Beauties® Series. Romee is a compact variety with mounding growth and high growth uniformity. During summer Romee will get a beautiful pink blush.

Key features

  • First white garden perennial within the Beauties® Series
  • Gets a pink blush during summer
  • Compact, mounding growth and high growth uniformity
  • Large flowers, perpetual flowering


Dianthus Beauties Romee

Dianthus Flow® Florida Bay

Florida Bay has a stunning, new colour matching perfectly with other “Bay” varieties. Bay varieties are all close genetically related, therefore the performance is very uniform. This variety offers medium sized double flowers and a good shelf life.

Key features

  • Stunning new colour
  • Medium sized double flowers
  • Good shelf life
Dianthus Flow Florida Bay HF

Dianthus Flow® Palm Beach

Palm Beach brings a new, trendy peach colour palette to the Flow® Series! This compact variety offers lots of volume with its impressive flowers.

Key features

  • Compact variety
  • New trendy colour within the Flow® Series
  • Boasting voluminous flowers
Dianthus Flow Palm Beach HF

Dianthus Flow® Pearl Beach

Looking for a fresh white colour? Pearl Beach has a luxurious yet crisp look. The compact and uniform growth makes this an attractive and versatile grop.

Key features

  • Lovely white, new colour addition to the Flow® Series
  • Compact and uniform growth
Dianthus Flow Pearl Beach HF

Dianthus Picture Perfect®

Capture nature’s beauty with the brand new Picture Perfect® retail concept! Picture Perfect® is a rich, perpetual flowering variety with a vibrant magenta and dark red colour palette. This firm plant exhibits uniform growth, a great shelf life, and performs perfectly in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Key features

  • Unique stand-alone concept
  • Turning homes & gardens into Picture Perfect® settings
  • High flower count
  • Firm plant with uniform growth
  • Great shelf life
Picture Perfect Dianthus HilverdaFlorist

Dianthus Sunflor® Emily

Sunflor® introduction Emily is a compact variety with a good plant structure and growth uniformity. The fresh white flowers add a lovely touch to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Key features

  • Compact, good plant structure
  • Growth uniformity
  • Rich flowering
  • Good shelf life
Dianthus Sunflor Emily HF

Dianthus Sunflor® Jackie

Jackie has a luxurious burgundy colour with consistent colour performance. This compact variety offers high growth uniformity, a good shelf life, beautiful double flowers and perpetual flowering.

Key features

  • High growth uniformity
  • Compact variety with a good shelf life and consistent flower performance
  • Luxurious dark red colour
Dianthus Sunflor Jackie HF

Dianthus Sunflor® Magic Beetle

Magic Beetle has the same strong characteristics as the beloved Beetle, now coming in a new coral colour!

Key features

  • Double, rounded flowers
  • Bright coral colour
  • Compact and fast-growing
Dianthus Sunflor Magic Beetle HF

Dianthus Sunflor® Rinjani

Rinjani comes in a sweet cherry colour, double rounded flowers with a consistent colour performance. With high growth uniformity, Rinjani is the ideal compact variety for larger retail programmes.

Key features

  • Compact growing and offering a well filled pot
  • High growth uniformity, a great retail variety!
  • Double, round flowers with consistent colour performance
  • Sweet cherry colour
Dianthus Sunflor Rinjani HF

Echinacea MOOODZ® Flirty (compact)

Be seduced by new variety Flirty! It is hard to resist it’s strong deep red colour. This efficient and compact crop is perfect for retail orders. Flirty has round petals that rest flat on the flower bud and is richly flowering.

Key features

  • Compact, suited for 15 – 17 cm pot size
  • Efficient and perfect for retail orders
  • Strong burgundy colour
  • Nice round petals, flat flower petals
  • Rich flowering and good branching

Echinacea MOOODZ® Serenity (compact)

Echincacea MOOODZ® Serenity is a compact white crop, very efficient and perfect for retail orders. This rich flowering variety will offer countless bright white flowers!

Key features

  • Compact, suited for 15 – 17 cm pot size
  • Efficient and perfect for retail orders
  • Fresh white colour, flat flower petals
  • Rich flowering and good branching

Echinacea MOOODZ® Amaze (medium)

Let the strong yellow colour of MOOODZ® Amaze turn a smile onto your face! The big impressive flowers really stand out.

Key features

  • Strong yellow colour
  • Big, impressive flowers
  • Robust, voluminous plant
  • Rich flowering and good branching

Echinacea MOOODZ® Fearless (medium)

The strong orange colour of Fearless is new to the MOOODZ® Series and will blow you away! The green glow at the heart of the flower bud provides a fresh look. Fearless is well branched and rich flowering.

Key features

  • Strong orange colour
  • Green in the heart of the center, makes it look fresh
  • Well branched
  • Rich flowering and good branching

Echinacea MOOODZ® Powerful (medium)

Speaking of powerful… Echincea MOOODZ® Powerful definitely is, with its impressive red colour, here to make an impact.

Key features

  • Powerful red colour
  • Nice round petals with flat flowers
  • Rich flowering and good branching

Garvinea® Sweet Chili

Garden Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Chili is here to spice up the Garvinea® Sweet assortment! This variety is the first true red with a black center, making it a valuable addition to the series.

Key features

  • First red with black center
  • Intensive, spicy red colour!
  • Fits great within the Sweet assortment
Garvinea Sweet Chili HF

Patio Gerbera Komodo

Komodo brings optimised genetics to the Patio Gerbera Series. The voluminous flowers have a strong yellow colour with a black centre.

Key features

  • Beautiful full double flower
  • Yellow with black heart
  • With lots of volume!
  • Consumer benefit: suitable for picking your own garden bouquet
HilverdaFlorist_PATIO-GERBERA Komodo HF

Flori Line® Midi Red Imp

Flori Line® Midi Red Improved now offers better uniformity and a more compact growth habit. With a high number of flowers, Midi Red is back and better!

Key features

  • Uniform flowering
  • High flower count
Gerbera Flori Line Midi Red Imp

Flori Line® Mini Eyecatcher Hot Pink BC Imp

The relatively smaller, yet eye-catching flowers of Flori Line® Mini Eyecatcher Hot Pink BC Imp will brighten up any room! Highly uniform in timing and plant size.

Key features

  • Uniform flowering
  • High flower count
  • Now quicker and more uniform
Flori Line Mini Eyecatcher Pink BC Imp HF

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