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Introductions & Highlights 2024

Cut Flowers & Gerbera

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Once again this year, we are introducing a range of fascinating and extraordinary cut flower products. Our collection consists of a diverse range of crops, including Gerbera, Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Limonium, Gypsophila, Helleborus and Scabiosa. Our commitment in these crops is to introduce innovative, relevant and profitable varieties every year.

Besides our new introductions, we also proudly present some timeless classics that deserve special recognition. Find out more about our latest cut flower introductions and treasured highlights by simply scrolling down this page. Or dive into our new catalogues to discover even more varieties.



Our Alstroemeria assortment includes Standard, Florinca and Specialty varieties. These are unique in every way! We have excellent varieties with great cultivation characteristics for each market and climate.

This year we introduced an impressive line-up of 8 Standard varieties, including a delightful mutation of the beloved Bali. In addition to the much-loved Specialty Fashionista® Pink, we nowintroduced an exciting new Specialty and yet another captivating Florinca variety.

Cut Flower introductions HilverdaFlorist



Carnations are known for their stunning and eye-catching beauty. These versatile flowers offer endless possibilities for different styles, from creating luxurious, vibrant bouquets to arranging even just a few flowers in a smaller vase. Our collection includes a wide range of brilliant colours, each complemented by a delicate fragrance.

HilverdaFlorist Spray Carnation Lumina

Dianthus Sparkz®


Everybody loves to be surprised! There is no better way to do that, than by presenting your customers with distinctive Sparkz®; THE unique Dianthus collection from HilverdaFlorist. This series includes Sparkz® Green, Breanthus®, Raffine, Raffine Petit, Solomio® and Star. Sparkz® offers you the most diverse variations imaginable!

Discover the stunning multi-coloured Breanthus® Duchess and various brand new Solomio® varieties!

Dianthus Sparkz® Solomio



Big, colourful and impressive. Our assortment of Gerbera consists of a wide range of cheerful and colourful varieties. As the specialist in breeding and propagation of Gerbera, we are offering a wide range of exciting novelties.

This year we introduced 9 Gerbera Standard varieties, 10 Gerbera Minis, 1 Pomponi® Standard and 1 Pomponi® Mini.

New Gerbera varieties HilverdaFlorist



Our Gypsophila Zinzi® are varieties that produce beautiful, pure white flowers. These Gypsophila are special because of the flowering stems which can be arranged quickly and easily. We have a small-, medium-, and large-sized Gypsophila varieties in our assortment.

New to the Gypsophila assortment is Zinzi® Sanae: a high end variety with lovely double flowers.

New gypsophila HilverdaFlorist



A striking showpiece in our Helleborus collection is, of course, Magnificent Bells! A premium variety that has graced the range for several years.

Helleborus Magnificent Bells



Limonium flowers, known for their delicate, papery blooms and long-lasting beauty, are very versatile and popular. Our assortment consists of the Diamond Series, Wings & Glacier Series and Perennials. These series ensure year-round consistency and high quality.

See our new Wings & Glacier variety Mermaid Wings and the stunning pink Divine Diamond.

Mermaid Wings new variety



We are proud to introduce our new branding concept to you. Get to know our Scabiosa Virtuoso assortment packed with Virtuosos we all admire. The long-lasting fascinating pincushion flowers are here to impress.

New to our range are Bernini and Verdi, both offering much wanted colours and improved quality.

Scabiosa cut flowers

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