Alstroemeria Standard Felice


Introductions 2024

New in Alstroemeria


We are proud to present to you our Alstroemeria introductions for 2024. On this page you can find all the new varieties in Standard, Florinca and Specialty. Scroll down to learn more about each of these varieties.


NEW: Standard Felice


  • Lovely fresh pink colour
  • Produces an abundance of flowers!
  • No soil cooling needed
Standard Alstroemeria Felice

NEW: Standard Green Wonder


  • Unique green colour!
  • Impressive amount of exquisite flowers
  • Ground-breaking quality among green Alstroemerias
Alstroemeria Standard Green Wonder

NEW: Standard Heartbreaker


  • Impressive hot pink colour
  • A true eye catcher!
  • High quality flowers and stems
Alstroemeria Standard Heartbreaker

NEW: Standard Layla


  • Sweet lavender pink colour
  • Lively colour combination
  • High quality flowers and stems
Alstroemeria Standard Layla

NEW: Standard Morning Star


  • Mutation of the beloved Bali!
  • Outstanding growing characteristics
  • Same benefits, but in a new refreshing colour
Alstroemeria Standard Morning Star

NEW: Standard Rockstar


  • Powerful red colour
  • Great white and red colour contrast
  • Outstanding productivity rate
Alstroemeria Standard Rockstar

NEW: Standard True Dream


  • Elegant and romantic soft pink colour
  • Long-lasting flowers
  • Superior quality
Standard Alstroemeria True Dream

NEW: Standard White Swan


  • Large, white flowers
  • Outstanding production rate
  • Exudes purity and serenity
Standard Alstroemeria White Swan

NEW: Specialty Green Crown


  • Unique new specialty Alstroemeria
  • Large clusters of green flowers
  • High productivity providing an abundance of these majestic flowers
Specialty Alstroemeria

NEW: Florinca Jade


  • Unique green spray Alstroemeria on tall stems
  • Outstanding productivity
  • No soil cooling needed
Alstroemeria Florinca

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