Sparkz® Solomio

Sweet & soft: the versatility of Sparkz® Solomio

Sparkz® surprisez!

In a world full of flowers, there are certain varieties that capture our attention with their outstanding beauty and irresistible charm. One such variety is Sparkz® Solomio: a unique Dianthus variety that is bound to dazzle anyone who sees it. Solomio® varieties are developed by HilverdaFlorist, being a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation within the floral industry.


Get to know Sparkz® Solomio

The Solomio® Series endears with blushing, rounded flower petals in a ray of soft to bright colour tones. The flowers of Solomio® varieties appear high on the stems and are composed of petals that emerge horizontally to create an almost flat surface. The result is a truly surprising flower, which is easy for florists to work with and immediately shows colour in a bouquet.

Inspiration Sparkz Solomio

How to use Sparkz® Solomio

Whether you use Solomio® in a mono bouquet or as part of a mixed bouquet, it will create an unforgettable impression. Solomio® flowers have a subtle fragrance, making it a perfect choice for indoor arrangements and personal bouquets.

HilverdaFlorist Sparkz Solomio inspiration

Sparkz® Solomio adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any event or home. Also consider corsages and table settings for special occasions such as weddings. Solomio® varieties offer an impressive vase life, allowing you to enjoy them even more!

About Dianthus Sparkz®

Dianthus Sparkz® offers you the most diverse variations imaginable – varieties that stand out with unique flower shapes, striking colours and endless possibilities to mix and match.

“Sparkz® belongs to the same genus as Standard Carnations and Spray Carnations, which are all types of Dianthus. However, Sparkz® stands out as hybrids of Dianthus with a distinct appearance. While Carnations and Spray Carnations are Dianthus caryophyllus, Sparkz® offers unparalleled versatility with a wide and innovative range of Dianthus varieties. Choose Sparkz® when you need limitless creative possibilities.” – Marcel van Steekelenburg – Assortment Manager Dianthus Sparkz®

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