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Change commercial representation

Change commercial representation HilverdaFlorist in Colombia

As per January 1st 2022, the full cut flower assortment of HilverdaFlorist in Colombia will be represented by HilverdaFlorist Colombia. Up to this date the gerbera assortment has been represented by Ball Colombia. After this transition, the entire cut flower assortment will be produced and commercialized by HilverdaFlorist Colombia.

This decision was taken in order to centralize the sales and production of the HilverdaFlorist cut flower portfolio at their location in Colombia. HilverdaFlorist Colombia will offer their full range of cut flowers: Carnation (Standard and Spray carnation), SPARKZ (Solomio, Raffine, Breanthus, Star, Parzival), Alstroemeria (Traditional and Florinca), Gerbera (Standard, Mini, Pomponi, Piccolini and FireworX), Limonium (Statice, Sinensis, Perennial), Scabiosa, Gypsophila and Helleborus; from their farm located in the municipality of El Rosal, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

HilverdaFlorist expresses their gratitude to Ball Colombia for its excellent commercial representation during the past years and for their support provided in this transition. All the production and commercial processes will be transferred from Ball Colombia to HilverdaFlorist Colombia as per January 1st, 2022, as well as the showroom. HilverdaFlorist looks forward to continue working with their customers in this new phase.

For any further information or questions please contact:

Alexander Cardona Osorio, Commercial Director HilverdaFlorist Colombia
E T +57 310 278 4558

HilverdaFlorist Colombia Team s

HilverdaFlorist Colombia S.A.S.

HilverdaFlorist Colombia is the young plant supplier of the complete Hilverda Florist cut flowers assortment in Latin America. HilverdaFlorist Colombia is a subsidiary of HilverdaFlorist located in The Netherlands.

Ball Colombia Ltda.

Ball Colombia Ltda. as part of the Ball Horticultural group, distributes seeds, plugs, cuttings and TC plants in Central and South America as well as Kenya and Ethiopia, offering our own genetics and representing third parties in the region.