What to order? HilverdaFlorist

What to order?

Available starting materials


HilverdaFlorist offers different types of starting material depending on crop, cultivation and market requirements. This is an overview of the materials which are available. Let our sales representatives advise you about the best plant material for your market and cultivation requirements.

“Together with our production teams worldwide we go all-out to produce high quality young plants, in a range that always offers a perfect solution for your specific production method. We are eager to start the new season, with lots of new varieties for you to be succesful. Choose the type of starting material that suits your business best or let our sales team advise you.” – Rob van der Meer – Manager Production

Rob van der Meer Manager Production - HilverdaFlorist

Young plant supply overview

Pot, Patio & Garden

Young plant materials Pot, Patio & Garden- HilverdaFlorist
Starting materials pot, patio & garden

Cut Flowers

Young plant materials Cut flowers - HilverdaFlorist (1)


HilverdaFlorist is continiously developing when it comes to innovation. By using Growcoon, we make sure cultivation is faster, cleaner and more sustainable. This 100% biodegradable product gives support and protection to the roots and enable optimal growth. “When the roots themselves form a firm root ball over time, the cutting and seed plug holder degrades. Really natural, and zero waste!”

Growcoon models can be used for both trays and tissue culture.

Discover Growcoon
Breanthus Growcoon HilverdaFlorist

Young plant impression

Growcoon impression HilverdaFlorist
Growcoon impression HilverdaFlorist

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