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The perfect wedding flowers

Wedding season is here! We have seen many trends and wedding themes to combine the most beautiful floral arrangements with. From our own knowledge and expertise in flower breeding and selection, we are happy to share some flowers that could be a great choice for the arrangement of your dreams.

Earthy shades

Nature tones are back and we see a lot of earthy shades like brown, green, yellow and peach being incorporated into bridal flowers. Where nude colours have been trendy for a while now, this trend is taking the next step and is all about connecting to mother nature. Make floral arrangements in this trend that extra bit more exciting with textures and scent. Carnations for example will be a great fit for this.

Some of our suggestions:

Wedding flowers Antigua - Jade - Magnificent Bells

Unique flower shapes

Looking for something just a little bit different, or a real eye-catcher in wedding flower arrangements? Every flower is unique, although some flower shapes are relatively new to the market and something you haven’t seen before. We like to share some unique flowers from our breeding that blend beautifully in wedding flower arrangements.

Some of our suggestions:

Wedding flowers Dali - Fashionista Pink - Snow Tessino

A more sustainable choice

As we all get more environmentally conscious, we also see this trend in wedding flowers. Alstroemeria, for example, is a relatively sustainable choice. With its cooler cultivation, the flower requires less energy. In addition, Alstroemeria has a long vase life of two weeks on average. This allows the bridal couple to enjoy the flower even after the wedding, for example in small vases on the table. Alstroemeria Florinca – a spray Alstroemeria type – has no pollen and therefore an even better vase life.

Sustainability tends to be associated with dried flowers. Limonium is great for this, choose your favourite type (Sinuatum, Sinensis or Hybrid) and enjoy it for a long time afterwards.

Some of our suggestions:

Wedding flowers White Swan - Joy Ride - Easter Diamond

Bold colours

We’ve seen (and are still seeing of course) a lot of pastel coloured flowers. Although this will always be a popular choice for weddings, this year there is also room for bold colours. For those who dare to make a bold choice, want to express their personality and make a statement, this is fun to mix and match. Bright purples, deep reds and lovely yellows: there is nothing too crazy!

Some of our suggestions:

Wedding flowers Solomio Sem - Aurora - Tony

All-time favourites

Some things never change. Various flowers you will see at many weddings. These are just great to work with and always add a romantic touch.

Some of our suggestions:

Wedding flowers Discovery - Faro - Venice
pantone color of the year: peach fuzz flowers

Pantone Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Matching varieties for this unique colour

Pantone recently launched the Colour of the Year 2024: PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz! “PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach thone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and sole”, says PANTONE®.

Pantone is a company that publishes colour codes and announces a colour as its annual colour each year, based on fashion, social events, cinema, and more. As HilverdaFlorist, we are looking forward to a year of Peach Fuzz and are happy to share a selection of our colour matching varieties with you.

Standard Carnation Peach Wonder

It looks like Peach Wonder was made especially for this trend! However, this flower has been part of the Standard Carnation range for some time. The large, ruffled flowers with multiple petals create depth in this unique colour. Like the colour, the classic yet modern Carnations themselves effortlessly bridge the gap between youthful and timeless. Exactly as Pantone intended with the colour.

peach wonder standard carnation hilverdaflorist

Dianthus Sunflor® Bling Bling

Modest yet extravagant is what Dianthus Sunflor® Bling Bling is all about. Bling Bling, a potted Dianthus variety, offers the Peach Fuzz colour for both indoor and outdoor use. Sunflor® is a versatile Dianthus collection that contains many different colours, flower shapes and plant types. Sunflor® flowers from spring until late autumn, tolerates temperatures until -5°C and has compact growing habits with a short crop time.

Dianthus Sunflor Bling Bling Peach Fuzz HilverdaFlorist

Standard Gerbera Pre Extase

The colour range within the classic, daisy-like Gerbera flowers is endless. Of course, Peach Fuzz is therefore not to be missed here. Pre Extase seamlessly matches this gorgeous shade. “An appealing peach hue softly nestled between pink and orange, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz inspires belonging, recalibration, and an opportunity for nurturing, conjuring up an air of calm, offering us a space to be, feel, and heal and to flourish from”, says Laurie Pressman, Pantone®.

Peach Fuzz pre extase Gerbera HilverdaFlorist

Echinacea MOOODZ® Motivation

Besides the well-loved bold and bright colours, Echinacea also comes in softer tones. Echinacea MOOODZ® Motivation is one such variety that nicely matches the Peach Fuzz colour! Ideal to mix and match with other (lighter) shades, a valuable addition to any assortment!

Peach Fuzz Echinacea MOOODZ HilverdaFlorist
Sparkz® Solomio

Sweet & soft: the versatility of Sparkz® Solomio

Sparkz® surprisez!

In a world full of flowers, there are certain varieties that capture our attention with their outstanding beauty and irresistible charm. One such variety is Sparkz® Solomio: a unique Dianthus variety that is bound to dazzle anyone who sees it. Solomio® varieties are developed by HilverdaFlorist, being a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation within the floral industry.


Get to know Sparkz® Solomio

The Solomio® Series endears with blushing, rounded flower petals in a ray of soft to bright colour tones. The flowers of Solomio® varieties appear high on the stems and are composed of petals that emerge horizontally to create an almost flat surface. The result is a truly surprising flower, which is easy for florists to work with and immediately shows colour in a bouquet.

Inspiration Sparkz Solomio

How to use Sparkz® Solomio

Whether you use Solomio® in a mono bouquet or as part of a mixed bouquet, it will create an unforgettable impression. Solomio® flowers have a subtle fragrance, making it a perfect choice for indoor arrangements and personal bouquets.

HilverdaFlorist Sparkz Solomio inspiration

Sparkz® Solomio adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any event or home. Also consider corsages and table settings for special occasions such as weddings. Solomio® varieties offer an impressive vase life, allowing you to enjoy them even more!

About Dianthus Sparkz®

Dianthus Sparkz® offers you the most diverse variations imaginable – varieties that stand out with unique flower shapes, striking colours and endless possibilities to mix and match.

“Sparkz® belongs to the same genus as Standard Carnations and Spray Carnations, which are all types of Dianthus. However, Sparkz® stands out as hybrids of Dianthus with a distinct appearance. While Carnations and Spray Carnations are Dianthus caryophyllus, Sparkz® offers unparalleled versatility with a wide and innovative range of Dianthus varieties. Choose Sparkz® when you need limitless creative possibilities.” – Marcel van Steekelenburg – Assortment Manager Dianthus Sparkz®

Discover all Sparkz® here.

How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer tricks

How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer: 7 useful tricks!

Flowers bring beauty and joy into our lives. They boost our mood, creativity and symbolize love, gratitude and celebration. By prolonging the life of flowers, we can continue to enjoy their elegance for a longer period of time. But, how do we keep our beautiful bouquets alive as long as possible? In this article, we give you tips to enjoy your flowers longer! Follow these steps and extend the life of your bouquet.

  • First things first: clean vase

To eliminate the possibility of bacteria in your vase, you should first clean it. After cleaning, make sure to rinse your vase thoroughly.

  • Choose the right vase

Make sure to offer your flowers the support they might need. For lighter, more fragile flowers, use a taller vase. Do you have heavy blooms with a strong stem like Gerbera? You can place them in a lower vase and let them shine!

  • Cut the stems

Cutting the stems of your flowers (approx. 0.5 inch) allows them to absorb more water. Be sure to cut them at an angle so that they can continue to absorb water at the bottom of the vase. Recutting the stems each few days will repeat this process. Don’t forget to make sure your knife or scissors are clean.

How to keep your cut flowers fresh longer - Cut the stems - HilverdaFlorist
  • Feed your flowers

Usually a small bag of flower food is included in your bouquet. Adding this to the water helps your flowers to stay fresh for a longer time and makes sure the water is clean. Didn’t you get a bag of flower food? Do it yourself and add a drop of bleach to the water.

Pro tip: do you know our Helleborus Magnificent Bells cut flowers? If you cut these crosswise at the bottom of the stem, they will last even longer.

  • Fresh water for fresh flowers

Just like us, flowers need a fresh sip of water every so often. Therefore, make sure you change the water of your bouquet every few days.

  • Keep it cool

To make sure your flowers will last longer, keep it cool! Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Also do not place your bouquet near open windows, heaters or air conditioners, since they can cause flowers to dehydrate.

  • No fruits allowed

Did you know fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas? This gas can reduce the vase life of your fresh floral arrangement. Make sure your flowers are not placed near your fruit basket.

Find inspiration on how to style bouquets on our Pinterest account!