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Introductions 2021

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Introductions 2021

We’re proud to present to you our new pot & garden introductions for 2021. Our assortment consists of a wide variety in crops suitable for the pot, patio and garden segments. Including many unique genetics and premium varieties, which you won’t find anywhere else. Scroll down to see video’s and information about our introductions or look into our new catalogue.


Garden Alstroemeria – River Valley

River Valley is a truly unique addition to the Valley Series with its variegated leaves and stunning bright large pink flowers. The plant remains naturally compact, at max. 35 cm (14″). The growing habits make River Valley very suitable as groundcover and for every border.


Key features

  • Flowers continuously from Spring until Frost
  • Big flowers and fresh colours
  • Compact border Alstroemeria



Garvinea Majestic Series

The Garvinea Majestic Series is a great addition to the Garvinea Garden Gerbera assortment. The Garvinea Majestic Series is a strong garden plant with elegant double flowers. This magnificent series consists of three colours: yellow, light pink and burgundy. As you can expect from a Garvinea it creates long-lasting flowers,
attracts friendly pollinators and has great weather tolerance.


Key features

  • Large long-lasting double flowers
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Great weather tolerance
HilverdaFlorist - introduction - Garvinea Majestic Series

Salvia Salgoon – Strawberry Lake

Our new variety Strawberry Lake is a vigorous plant with great foliage and many vibrant flowers. The strong red, with a magenta touch, calyxes retains its colour and the Salvia keeps on growing without pruning stems.

Key features

  • Vigorous plant with many side shoots
  • Vivid and bright colours
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other friendly pollinators


HilverdaFlorist - introduction - Salvia Salgoon Strawberry Lake

Patio Gerbera Glorious

The Patio Gerbera Glorious is a diva on your patio! This series is an addition to the existing unique Patio Gerbera Series. The stylish and voluminous plants, with stunning double flowers up to 16 cm (6″), stand out in the crowd and catch everyone’s eye on a terrace. The Patio Gerbera is perfect to combine in a mixed patio planter or to be used as stand alone. With its show-stopping flowers Patio Gerbera Glorious are a true retail favourite.


Key features

  • Huge stylish double flowers
  • Rich flowering from Spring until Autumn
  • Pick flowers for a bouquet
HilverdaFlorist - introduction - Patio Gerbera Glorious

Patio Alstroemeria Inticancha – Valletta, Havana & Malaga

There are three introductions in the Patio Alstroemeria Inticancha Series. Valletta is a great addition to the Inticancha Series, because of its bright cerise colour. The compact plant creates many shoots and has large bright flowers. As you can expect from this patio Alstroemeria, Valletta is easy to maintain and flowers continously.

The Inticancha Sun Series are varieties that love the sun and heat more than any other Alstroemeria. In the Inticancha Sun Series there are two new introductions: a true bright yellow Havana and the bright pink Malaga. Malaga has huge pink flowers and creates many shoots. Havana has true bright yellow flowers and is an improvement to the current yellow. Both Alstroemerias are easy to flower and have the strong characteristics as the other varieties in the Inticancha Series.


Key features

  • Large flowers in intense colours
  • Compact plants with many flowers
  • Loved by friendly pollinators


HilverdaFlorist - introduction - Inticancha

Garvinea Cheeky Series

The Garvinea Cheeky Series is completely new in the Garvinea Garden Gerbera assortment. Garvinea Cheeky has a compact crop and shows its cheeky mini flowers from Spring until Frost. The mini-flowered series consists of four strong colours; magenta, orange, red and yellow. Don’t be misled by the cuteness, because the Cheeky Series produces the highest flower count of all the Garvinea Series.


Key features

  • Garvinea with mini flowers
  • Highest flower count in Garvinea Series
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators
HilverdaFlorist - introduction - Garvinea Cheeky Series

Echinacea MOOODZ – Motivation

Motivation is the new Salmon Pink addition for the MOOODZ series. Motivation flowers vigorously and has uniform growing habits. This new variety is the perfect soft tone to complete the colourful MOOODZ Series.

The Echinacea MOOODZ Series is a series of fast flowering Echinacea from tissue culture. This plant is more voluminous and creates more flower buds compared to Echinacea from seeds. These uniform varieties don’t require any cold for vernalisation. The MOOODZ series consist of a wide range of colours that complement each other. Combine these Echinacea in a garden or in a large patio planter.


Key features

  • Fastest Echinacea in the market
  • Easy to grow varieties
  • Good branching rich flowering
HilverdaFlorist - Echinacea Mooodz - Motivation

Flori Line – Maxi Hot Pink, Maxi Orange & Maxi Pink

In the Flori Line Maxi assortiment there are three improved varieties: Maxi Hot Pink, Maxi Orange & Maxi Pink. All three introductions have improvements in growing habits, speed and the bright colour. Flori Line is known for its speed and wide assortment in pot sizes from Micro to Giant: from big to small, there is a size for all.


Key features

  • High uniformity in timing and plant size
  • Well-balanced key colours
  • Strong, non-stretching flower stems
HilverdaFlorist - Pot Gerbera - Flori Line - Introductions 2021

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