Introductions 2022

Pot, Patio & Garden

Pot, Patio & Garden introductions 2022

We’re proud to share our new Pot, Patio & Garden introductions for season 2022. As you can expect from us our introductions are cutting-edge genetics and premium varieties for which we are the exclusive supplier. All introductions that strengthen the popular brands with valuable varieties for grower, wholesale, retail and consumer. Scroll down of choose a brand to see video’s and information about our introductions or look into our new catalogue.

Inticancha – Paraíso

Paraíso is the new deep purple addition to the Inticancha Series. The Inticancha Series is a compact Alstroemeris patio series with great ornamental value due to the elegant petals, large flowers and strong bright colours. Paraíso combines well with other varieties from the series and easily creates a bright coloured paradise on your patio.


Key features

  • Intense deep purple colour
  • Large solid purple flowers
  • Genetically related to the successful variety Dark Purple
  • Suitable for retail programs

Summer Paradise – Beach Valley

Beach Vally is the new introduction in the Valley Series. The Valley Series consist of compact garden Alstroemeria and is the little sister of the Summer Series. The plants will produce an unbroken display of flowers from May until November. Due to the compact growing habits these varieties are perfect for in the border.


Key features

  • Large elegant Champagne coloured flowers
  • Shows a lot of colour in the early stages, shows colour in buds
  • Keeps on flowering till late in the season
  • Strong plant therefore suitable for different conditions

Helleborus Glamour: three unique introductions

In the Helleborus Glamour Series there are three amazing introductions. The Glamour Series is known for its great ornamental value, exceptional range of colours and unique flower shapes. This garden perennial starts flowering in December and keeps on flowering during Spring.

Scroll down to see more information about each introduction or watch the video.

Beaming Blush


  • Luxurious bi-colour flowers in pink and white
  • Tall growth
  • High flower count
  • Overwhelming colour display in winter garden



  • Elegant purple flowers with a green centre
  • Flower has a high decorative value
  • Compact growth
  • High flower count



Strawberry Moon


  • Unique deep rose colour
  • Large decorative flowers
  • Compact growth
  • Touch of colour in the winter garden



Garvinea Sweet

Garvinea is the only true Garden Gerbera on the market. In the Garvinea Sweets Series there are two vibrant introductions: Sweet Vibe and Sweet Sparkle. Garvinea provides lots of happy colours from early Spring until Frost. This robust garden plant offers countless long-lasting large flowers. Garvinea attracts friendly pollinators such as bees and butterflies. At the same time it’s highly resistant to pests and diseases. This Gerbera is an excellent choice for garden borders and great for planting in outdoor containers.

Scroll down to see more information about each introduction or watch the video.

Sweet Sparkle


  • Amazing hot pink with a black centre
  • A new colour addition to the assortment
  • Robust garden plant
  • Highly resistant to pests and diseases
HilverdaFlorist Garvinea Sweet Sparkle

Sweet Vibe


  • Strong yellow with a dark centre
  • Well balanced crop and stem length
  • Robust garden plant
  • Highly resistant to pests and diseases


HilverdaFlorist Garvinea Sweet Vibe

Garvinea Majestic Purple

The Garvinea Majestic Series was introduced last season. The strong Garvinea genetics combined with large elegant double flowers. Majestic Purple is the bright purple introduction in this new and unique series. Scroll down to watch the video about all the Garvinea introductions.


Key features

  • Beautiful bright purple double flowers
  • Quick to bloom with large flowers (9 cm/ 3,5”)
  • High production in flowers
  • Strong disease resistance
HilverdaFlorist Garvinea Majestic Purple
Garvinea Garden Gerbera keeps on flowering all summer long

Salvia Salgoon: 5 uniform introductions

This year we’re going all out with 5 introductions in the Salgoon Series! This makes Salgoon the only series with 6 unique colours, including last years’ introduction Strawberry Lake, based on the same uniform compact growing habits. Lake Onega is the one to look out for (picture), with its unique dark purple color. The Salgoon Series is known for its strong genetics, uniform growing habits, heat tolerance and has a heavy bloom set. The other introductions are: Lake Baikal, Lake Titicaca, Lake Victoria, Lake Garda.

Watch the video to see all the details about this unform Salvia Series.

Key features Salgoon Series

  • Full plant with many side shoots
  • Uniform growing habits
  • Loves hot climate
  • Rich flowering
Salgoon Series the true garden performer

Patio Gerbera

Just when you thought flowers couldn’t get any bigger, we prove you wrong! These two introductions have a massive flower diameter. Patio Gerberas are known for the voluminous foliage with stunning large flowers. Patio Gerberas are available in a wide range of varieties, from solid colours to beautiful bicolours. Clustered in large containers, Patio Gerberas offer a great burst of beauty. The long-lasting, successive flowers will bloom for months.

Scroll down to see more information about each introduction or watch the video.


Hot Springs


  • Stunning hot pink flowers
  • Massive flower diameter
  • Impressive first flush
  • Fast crop time
HilverdaFlorist Patio Gerbera Hot Springs



  • Unique bicolour stylish flowers in lilac – pink
  • Exceptional full double flower shape
  • Fast crop time
HilverdaFlorist Patio Gerbera Daintree

Patio Gerbera Glorious

Last year we introduced the Patio Gerbera Glorious Series. This series is an addition to the existing unique Patio Gerbera Series and has huge double flowers. Glorious Light Pink is the new addition to this assortment. Scroll down to watch the video about all the Patio Gerbera introductions.

Key features

  • Lovely light pink addition to the assortment
  • Double flowers
  • Quick to bloom and good flush
  • Uniform growth
HilverdaFlorist Patio Gerbera Glorious


Cheerful and Devotion are the new blooming introductions in the fast flowering Echinacea Series. The MOOODZ echinacea are more vigorous and create more flower buds compared to Echinacea from seed. These uniform varieties don’t require vernalisation. Combine these Echinacea in a garden or in a large patio planter.



  • Bright yellow large flowers
  • Overwhelming first flush
  • Growth is compact with rich flowering
  • Full plant, highly branched



  • First red addition to the assortment
  • Creates an impressive floral display
  • Fast flowering
  • Full plant, highly branched
HilverdaFlorist Echinacea MOOODZ Devotion

Beauties Sherisé

In the Dianthus Beauties Series there is a stunning red introduction Sherisé. Beauties is a series of amazing Dianthus varieties with remarkable vigour. This low maintenance perennial series, with cheerful elegant blooms, is an excellent groundcover for gardens and unique for rocky garden displays. Beauties can be easily cultivated by trimming them mechanically. Trimming creates more vigour and flowers, which is great for the larger pot sizes. Beauties are true garden performers, but are also suitable for planters on a terrace or balcony.
Scroll down to see more information about each introduction or watch the video.

Key features

  • Strong red colour
  • High flower count
  • Compact plant with darker green foliage

Sunflor Lady Beetle

Lady Beetle is the new variety in the Dianthus Sunflor assortment. This beautiful pink lady has outstanding retail production performance. The large pink flowers are a true retail favorite. Sunflor is a versatile Dianthus series because this Dianthus can be used both indoor and outdoor. The series is available in an extensive strong colourful assortment. The Sunflor Series flowers from Spring until late Autumn. The Sunflor Series tolerates temperatures from -5 to -10 C, and has compact growing habits with a short crop time.

Scroll down to see more information about Lady Beetle or watch the video.

Key features

  • Compact and fast variety
  • Bright and consistent pink flowers (no fading)
  • Green colored leaves
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Genetically related to the successful variety Beetle
HilverdaFlorist Dianthus Sunflor Lady Beetle

Flori Line

Flori Line is a highly uniform pot gerbera. This series is the most extensive range of its kind. Every year we keep improving our varieties. This year there are three improved varieties and one true unique introduction Giant Golden Yellow. Scroll down to see all the varieties.

Giant Golden Yellow


  • Unique colour
  • Fast flowering and high flower count
  • Big flower diameter up to 14 cm (5,5”)
Flori Line Giant Golden Yellow

Maxi Red


  • High flower count
  • Uniform growing habits
  • Retains its colour better
  • Foliage and flowers are proportionally balanced
Flori Line Maxi Red

Maxi Orange


  • Faster crop time
  • Uniform growing habits
  • Better flower quality compared to current variety
Flori Line Maxi Orange

Mini Orange


  • Uniform stem length
  • Longer flowering period
  • High in uniformity
HilverdaFlorist Flori Line Mini Orange

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