Recap: HilverdaFlorist launched new varieties at FlowerTrials 2023

Like last year, it was another sunny week full of colour and innovation: FlowerTrials 2023 is a wrap! Together with 60 participants, HilverdaFlorist presented its new Pot, Patio & Garden varieties. FlowerTrials one of the highlights of the year where a biggest in-house show is created. In an indoor and outdoor garden setting, the latest genetics were presented to 1,100 visitors.

Pot, Patio & Garden introductions 2024

During FlowerTrials visitors where the first to see the Pot, Patio & Garden introductions in full bloom. Presented in a extraordinary indoor and outdoor setting at the HilverdaFlorist office (De Kwakel, NL), these varieties dazzled industry professionals from all over the world.

One of the absolute eye-catchers during FlowerTrials where the new Salvia Salgoon® varieties. Visitors were welcomed by an overload of friendly pollinators hanging around these great garden performers. Also highly prized was the garden Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Blaze. This stunning bicolour variety offers strong contrasting colours: a feast for the eyes! Curious to see all introductions showcased at FlowerTrials? Alstroemeria Inticancha® and Summer Paradise® as well as the brand new Optimum Mixes, Helleborus Awesome!® varieties and more! Discover all new varieties here.


Relive FlowerTrials in a 360° tour

Did you miss FlowerTrials or haven’t had enough of the HilverdaFlorist show yet? HilverdaFlorist launched a 360° FlowerTrials tour including highlight videos so you can (re)visit the show and meet the team at any time! Walk through our introductions, indoor garden, colourful pavilion or outdoor nursery and be inspired.

New Pot, Patio & Garden catalogue

Just like all our promotion materials, you are now able to download our Pot, Patio & Garden catalogue for 2024.

HilverdaFlorist_Flowertrails_2023_-104 (1)

HilverdaFlorist focuses on breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. With a trusted, global network of subsidiaries, distribution partners and production locations, HilverdaFlorist provides local support and premium young plant material, suitable for every climate and evolving cultivation requirements. To learn more about HilverdaFlorist, please visit www.hilverdaflorist.com.

Flowertrails_Hilverdaflorist__-84 (1)

Visit HilverdaFlorist during FlowerTrials® 2023

Exciting novelties are waiting for you…

Visit FlowerTrials® 2023 at HilverdaFlorist and be the first to see our brand new Pot, Patio & Garden assortment in full bloom! Be amazed by the beauty of our extraordinary varieties as they unveil their unique and charming features in a colourful indoor and outdoor show. FlowerTrials® at HilverdaFlorist a perfect blend of show, great conversations, inspiration, awesome plants and exciting novelties.

Immerse yourself in a diverse presentation and get into detail with our team members. If you haven’t already, ensure you register now for easy entry.


Pot, Patio & Garden introductions

With FlowerTrials getting closer and closer, we can’t wait to show you our introductions! We are happy to present you an great diversity of novelties again this year. Our range has been expanded with high-end genetics in, among others, the Salvia Salgoon® Series, various Helleborus brands and Garvinea® Sweet and Cheeky. Loose yourself in a colourful summer garden with the Alstroemeria Summer Paradise® and Inticancha® introductions. Meet our brand new potted Gerbera mixes and much more!

Take some time to absorb this overwhelming sea of flowers while enjoying a snack, drink or lunch in our outdoor garden. We are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with you on a personal level and engage in meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee. Your feedback is immensely valuable to us. We will provide you with updates on the latest developments within our company, share our exciting plans for the future, and introduce you to our team of specialists in breeding, cultivation, sales, and marketing.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

Will we see you there? Add the following details to your calendar:

Location: HilverdaFlorist BV – Dwarsweg 15, 1424 PL De Kwakel, NL
Date: June 13 – 16, 2023

Opening hours HilverdaFlorist
Tuesday – Thursday: 08.00 – 18.00
Friday: 08.00 – 16.00

Use the FlowerTrials® route planner and add HilverdaFlorist to your route!

Would you also like to have a look at our Cut Flower assortment? During FlowerTrials® you are more than welcome to visit our brand new show greenhouses. Contact your Sales Representative to plan a visit.

Plan your meeting

Plan ahead and schedule a get-together with one of our team members. That way your contact at HilverdaFlorist can make sure there will be plenty of time to meet with you personally.

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HilverdaFlorist CAST 2023

Recap: California Spring Trials 2023

From March 29 to April 1st, the HilverdaFlorist team was present at the American Takii location during CAST 2023. The USA team of HilverdaFlorist had a great time presenting the brand new Pot, Patio & Garden varieties to all our visitors. Here’s a look back at a great week.

During CAST we presented our newest genetics in, among others, Garvinea® SweetPatio GerberaEchinacea MOOODZ®Alstroemeria InticanchaAlstroemeria Summer Paradise® and Dianthus Flow®. If you weren’t able to visit our showing, or just in case you want to experience this all again be sure to check out our video presentation by Mazanne & Stef:

CAST Recap video HilverdaFlorist

CAST Highlight: Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Joy 

Garvinea® is the only true Garden Gerbera! With great weather tolerance, Garvinea® provides lots of happy colors from early spring until the first frost. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Joy is our brand-new variety in this series. With its bright yellow flowers, Sweet Joy definitely brings joy to any garden and delivers great performance.

HilverdaFlorist - Garvinea - Sweet Joy 01

CAST Highlight: Echinacea MOOODZ® Imagination

Echinacea MOOODZ® is the fastest Echinacea from tissue culture on the market. The MOOODZ® Series consists of a wide range of colors that complement each other. Combine these Echinacea in a garden or in a large patio planter. New to this series is Imagination with stunning pink brilliant magenta flowers.

Echinacea MOOODZ® Imagination

New: USA brochures 2024

During CAST our new Pot, Patio & Garden brochures for 2024 were released! These brand-new documents are packed with our assortment and cultural guidelines for all of our series. Head over to our Downloads page now and get one yourself.

Upcoming USA events

Our team is always looking forward to meeting you in our travels around the world. Annually we participate in many shows and events. Next up for the USA is Cultivate (Ohio) from July 15 – 18. Visit our booth 3531 and learn everything about our Pot, Patio and Garden varieties that will surely suit you and your market best. Be inspired by, among others, Echineacea MOOODZ®, Gerbera Garvinea®, Patio Gerbera and various Alstroemeria series.

Check out all our events worldwide:

Kom in de Kas HilverdaFlorist

Visit HilverdaFlorist during Kom in de Kas on the 1st of April!

Always wanted to take a look behind the scenes in the horticultural world? During Kom in de Kas on Saturday 1 April 2023, various businesses in (the surroundings of) Aalsmeer will open their doors! Visit HilverdaFlorist and discover all about the breeding of new flower and plant varieties and the production of young plant materials. After all, these are the first steps of your bouquet of flowers or colourful garden!

Discover the latest technologies

From a new production location packed with innovative technologies, HilverdaFlorist develops high-quality young plant materials that are supplied to growers worldwide. Cuttings and seeds, for example. During Kom in de Kas we will tell you all about the cultivation of our young plants, sorting, robotics we use for this and the breeding of new flower and plant varieties.

Flowers and plants are developed from a strong drive and focus on innovation. The HilverdaFlorist team in the Netherlands consists of around 150 employees spread over 6.5 hectares. During Kom in de Kas, the new location of 2.2 hectares will be open to the public.

Buy a plant and support educational projects of the HilverdaFoundation

We are happy to introduce you to the HilverdaFoundation during ‘Kom in de Kas’! The HilverdaFoundation was founded in 2009, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Hilverda Group. This foundation wants to contribute to the countries in which the group has established its business. Since its establishment, the HilverdaFoundation has entered into several collaborations with local foundations in Kenya and Colombia. Currently, the Foundation is additionally engaged in projects in the Netherlands and India.

All the projects we support to make education possible for underprivileged children who do not (or no longer) have access to (adequate) schooling due to their living conditions. With an appropriate education, they can later not only take good care of themselves but also offer support and help to their loved ones. During ‘Kom in de Kas’ we sell plants, the revenues of which go to the HilverdaFoundation.

Assortment of HilverdaFlorist

HilverdaFlorist’s product range includes cut flowers in Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Gerbera, Gypsophila, Helleborus, Limonium and Scabiosa. In terms of pot and garden plants, HilverdaFlorist focuses on Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Echinacea, Gerbera, Helleborus and Salvia. A feast for the eyes and insects such as butterflies and bees!

We warmly invite you to take a look at our production location on the Achterweg nr. 62 in De Kwakel. Discover the latest technology, learn all about the development of new flower and plant varieties and get inspired by the colourful assortment. Also visit other participating companies: Zuurbier & Co International, Ubink Cactus & Succulent, Van Klaveren Plant, Hartog Palmen & Olij Trading BV.

HilverdaFlorist productie jong plantmateriaal
HilverdaFlorist IPM Essen

Recap: IPM Essen 2023

31 JANUARY 2023, DE KWAKEL, THE NETHERLANDS – After two years of absence, the team of HilverdaFlorist was happy to be back at IPM Essen: the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture. Exhibitors from all over the world present their innovative products and services in the fields of plants, technology, floristry and garden features. No other fair offers so much plant diversity and so many plant innovations. 

During IPM, HilverdaFlorist presented both exciting novelties and highlights from the Pot, Patio & Garden assortment. Visitors were inspired by, among others, (patio) Alstroemeria Inticancha®, Garvinea® and Salvia Salgoon®. Scroll down and relive IPM Essen!


In Alstroemeria HilverdaFlorist presented Inticancha® varieties, which are the most heat tolerant varieties. Inticancha is a gorgeous Alstroemeria with intense coloured large flowers that will be the eye-catcher of many patios.

Besides Inticancha® the Summer Paradise Summer Series® and Valley Series® were present. Where the Summer Series® contains tall and vigorous varieties, the Valley Series® brings compact varieties. Both have beautiful flowers continuously from spring until frost.


Dianthus Beauties® is an amazing Dianthus series with remarkable vigour, sturdy and bright coloured flowers. These are continuously flowering and are true must-haves for the balcony or garden.

Also present were Dianthus Flow® and Sunflor®. Sunflor® is a versatile Dianthus series, because this Dianthus can be used indoors and outdoors. The extensive range consists of many strong colours. In the flower form there is also a lot to choose from; single, double or semi double. This Dianthus has compact growth characteristics and a short cultivation period. Sunflor® has a flowering period from spring to early winter. Flow® is most similar do the classic Dianthus, but modern and trendy because of the spectacular colours and large flowers. The large elegant double flowers make Flow® a truly premium product. The Flow® varieties are easy to grow and perfect to place indoors or on a balcony or terrace.


Various Gerbera brands were highlighted during IPM 2023. Let’s start with Garvinea®; the one and only true garden Gerbera series on the market! No other Gerbera can match the vigor and flowering power displayed by the Garvinea® Series from early spring until the first frost. Discover Sweet, Cheeky and Majestic.

Also present were the stunning Patio Gerbera varieties. Patio Gerberas are unique voluminous plants with large flowers. Patio Gerberas are available in a wide range of varieties, from solid colours to beautiful bicolours. Clustered in large containers Patio Gerberas offer a great burst of beauty. The long-lasting, successive flowers will hold their colours for months.

Pot Gerbera Royal is a hybrid, proven Gerbera series for larger pot sizes. Highly uniform germination; vigorous plants produce a never ending supply of flowers with blooms held just above the foliage. Royal is a globally proven series for larger pot sizes and is ideal for bench run programs.

Last but not least are Flori Line® and Sundayz®. Flori Line® has the most extensive range of its kind: from Giant to Micro, from big to small, there is a size for all! The varieties consist of the most vivid colors and surprising two-tones. Sundayz® offers long-lasting double flowers for brightly coloured displays. The double flowers have less pollen, which causes the individual flowers to look fresh much longer than the single flowered Gerbera.


The Helleborus JWLS® varieties were true eyecatchers during IPM Essen. The Helleborus varieties are displaying unique characteristics and show gorgeous colours and various flower shapes. New to our 2023 assortment are Helleborus JWLS® Endless and Diamonfire. Both are extreme heat and cold tolerant and have magical long-lasting flowers.

When will we see you again?

The HilverdaFlorist team cannot wait to see you again. Head over to our event calendar and schedule your visit during our upcoming events.

IPM Essen HilverdaFlorist 2023 (1)

HilverdaFlorist focuses on breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. With a trusted, global network of subsidiaries, distribution partners and production locations, HilverdaFlorist provides local support and premium young plant material, suitable for every climate and evolving cultivation requirements. To learn more about HilverdaFlorist, please visit www.hilverdaflorist.com.

HilverdaFlorist Novelty Days 2022

Week 45 recap: Novelty Days, Trade Fair Aalsmeer & IFTF 2022

HilverdaFlorist looks back on a great week being present on no less than three horticultural events. After months of preparations our team could not wait to meet industry colleagues from all over the world again, to show them exciting novelties in cut flowers. During this week the first edition of Novelty Days took place at HilverdaFlorist (De Kwakel, the Netherlands). Besides this in-house fair, the Trade Fair Aalsmeer and IFTF Vijfhuizen were part of the promising programme.

Novelty Days by HilverdaFlorist

A colourful presentation full of inspiring novelties was created at the in-house fair of HilverdaFlorist from November 7-11. After announcing the release of two new catalogues this year, featuring the commercial assortment of Gerberas and all other Cut Flowers for 2023, the new varieties were presented during this show.

Visitors were informed by HilverdaFlorist’s sales team and assortment managers about the new colour additions, enhanced key features, surprising versatility and more background information. Besides being inspired by amazing colour presentations, the show greenhouse was open for exploration.

HilverdaFlorist Novelty Days 2022

Like a museum: Trade Fair Aalsmeer

At the Trade Fair Aalsmeer HilverdaFlorist set up a uniquely styled setting with exclusive pieces of art, made of cut flower novelties and highlights. Visitors were inspired by the stylish presentation of Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Gerbera, Gypsophila, Helleborus, Limonium and Scabiosa varieties.

HilverdaFlorist Trade fair 2022

HilverdaFlorist Colombia & Murara Plants at IFTF Vijfhuizen

Present at the IFTF Vijfhuizen were HilverdaFlorist Colombia and Murara Plants from Kenya. Together with colleagues from HilverdaFlorist they presented various introductions and highlights from the cut flower assortment as well.

The team of HilverdaFlorist is looking forward to meeting you again. Discover our event calendar and contact our sales representatives to plan a visit.

HilverdaFlorist IFTF 2022

HilverdaFlorist focuses on breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. With a trusted, global network of subsidiaries, distribution partners and production locations, HilverdaFlorist provides local support and premium young plant material, suitable for every climate and evolving cultivation requirements. To learn more about HilverdaFlorist and to download the new catalogues, please visit www.hilverdaflorist.com.

HilverdaFlorist Novelty Days

Press release: HilverdaFlorist opens new future-proof production facility

Focus on innovation and partnership at the Future is HERE event

26 SEPTEMBER 2022, DE KWAKEL, THE NETHERLANDS – Together with colleagues, partners and clients, HilverdaFlorist officially opened its new production location at Achterweg 62 in De Kwakel with the Future is HERE event on Thursday 22 September. During the diverse afternoon programme, which included a speech by Arthur Koekkoek (Director Operations, R&D and Supply Chain) and guided site tours, visitors where informed about the new greenhouse facilities.

The future-proof production location of an additional 3 hectares, features the latest techniques in smart growing, with a clear focus on durability, efficiency, hygiene and energy reduction. Young plants are processed in the fully automated location. After planting them, they are mechanically transported to the greenhouse with the Automated 2D shuttle system. A promising step towards efficient production. With this new production location, HilverdaFlorist is ready for the future and able to respond better to the changing market conditions and customer demand.

Official opening
After a period of design and realisation, the new production location was officially opened by councillor Jan Hazen of Uithoorn and Arthur Koekkoek. A large turnout of colleagues and invitees witnessed the spectacular opening. Arthur Koekkoek: “The future is built by our expectations and possibilities to take on challenges. In times like these, with lots of uncertainties it is important to keep in touch. In addition to our individual responsibilities, we should look at how we can make each other stronger by working together. The choice to get together today was therefore quickly made. We, as HilverdaFlorist, with our new buildings and strong partnerships, are confident to be successful. The “Future is HERE” also refers to your presence. To have all our colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers gathered together, especially now, we can proudly say: The Future is HERE!”


Building the future together
Various partners who contributed to the realisation of the facility were present during the afternoon to inform visitors about their business activities. From innovative lighting products by Dutch Lightning Innovations to crop protection solutions by Koppert. Also present were Bosman van Zaal, Robur, Maangroup, Klasmann, Stolze, Royal Brinkman and the Hilverda Foundation. During a “Meet & Greet” session, the visitors had the chance to catch up with colleagues from the sector over a drink and a snack.

The next occasion to visit HilverdaFlorist is during their Novelty Days in week 45. From 7 to 11 November HilverdaFlorist showcases its cut flower novelties at their location at Dwarsweg 15 in De Kwakel. In the same week the company presents at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer and subsidiaries HilverdaFlorist Colombia and Murara Plants (Kenya) will take part in the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) in Vijfhuizen.


HilverdaFlorist focuses on breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. With a trusted, global network of subsidiaries, distribution partners and production locations, HilverdaFlorist provides local support and premium young plant material, suitable for every climate and evolving cultivation requirements. To learn more about HilverdaFlorist, please visit www.hilverdaflorist.com.


Join us for FlowerTrials 2022 at HilverdaFlorist

Join us for FlowerTrials® at Hilverda Florist

The ultimate combination of show, great conversations, inspiration, awesome plants and exciting novelties, that’s FlowerTrials® at HilverdaFlorist in a nutshell! Seize your opportunity to see a vast majority of our high-end product range in full bloom. Our stunning Pot, Patio & Garden varieties will show their unique and interesting features in indoor and outdoor presentations. Get inspired and get into detail with our team members. Not signed up or scheduled an appointment yet? Make sure to do so, for easy entry and plenty of time from our team members.

Discover what’s new in our leading lines

This year, we proudly present arousing novelties in almost all of our product groups. Wandering through our outdoor show gardens, you get to enjoy an overload of colours and scents from our Alstroemeria Summer Paradise and Salvia Salgoon series. The terrace and patio will be adorned with radiant Garvineas®, Patio Gerberas and large containers of Dianthus Beauties. Entering the show greenhouse, you’ll run into a comprehensive overview of our novelties and most of our varieties. Among them, our potted Gerbera series of FloriLines and Sundayz side by side with the Royal series we recently acquired from Takii.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all those blooms? With us you are at the right spot for a drink, a snack or even lunch in a relaxed setting. Our team is looking forward to connect with you again personally and get your valuable feedback over a cup of coffee. We like to inform you about the latest developments within our company, our plans for the future and to introduce you to our specialists in breeding, cultivation, sales and marketing.


See you there!

This year we’ll be hosting FlowerTrials® at our renewed location in De Kwakel (NL). Expect blooming trial gardens, colourful outdoor and indoor displays and extensive product presentations, all at one stop.

Location: HilverdaFlorist • Dwarsweg 15, 1424 PL De Kwakel – The Netherlands
When: June 14 to 17, 2022
Tue, Wed, Thur: 08:00 – 18:00
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Navigate to our location

Are Cut Flowers your main interest? You have the opportunity to see a large part of our cut flower assortment at our location at the Mijnsherenweg. We will have a shuttle service between our two locations.



Preregister your visit on the FlowerTrials® website for easy entry to all participating locations.
Plan ahead and schedule a get-together with one of our team members. That way your contact at HilverdaFlorist can make sure there will be plenty of time to meet with you personally. Not able to make it over here? Arrange a virtual tour to be guided through the show by a live video connection.
Plan a meeting with one of our team members
99©FvdS_HilverdaFlorist_300dpi_23 augustus 2021

Connect & Create November Show

Connect & Create

In the first week of November we will open our doors for the Connect & Create event. You are welcome to visit our show at the Dwarsweg 15 (De Kwakel, The Netherlands), and see the latest introductions in our Cut Flower portfolio. Our gerbera show greenhouse is also in full flower, so another reason to visit us!

Practical Information

Date: November 1th – 5th, from 09:00 – 17:00.
Location: Dwarsweg 15, De Kwakel.
Claim your time: Send an email to event@hilverdaflorist.com or contact your sales representative.
Follow us online: www.hilverdaflorist.com or @hilverdaflorist.com.

Especially for everyone who is unable to travel we are connecting online. Would you like a personalized digital tour for your team or yourself? Let us know, and we will take you virtually through our presentation and greenhouse, so we can discuss how we can strengthen your assortment with our latest Cut Flower introductions.

Register my visit

Claim your time for your visit to the Connect & Create show. If you cannot come to the show, you can plan your online visit with one of our sales representatives.

Plan my (online) visit

Connect & Create

Visit our show

Connect & Create

Get ready for the coming season and get excited with our new introductions in the pot & garden portfolio. From June 9th till June 18th we’ll show you our new creations online and offline. You’re welcome at our location at the Mijnsherenweg 15 (De Kwakel, Netherlands). Plan your visit to the location by sending an email to event@hilverdaflorist.com or follow us online @HilverdaFlorist to see the latest updates and sparkling content.

Practical Information

Location:                   HilverdaFlorist, Mijnsherenweg 15, De Kwakel
When:                          June 9th until June 18th
Claim your time:    Send an email to event@hilverdaflorist.com  or contact your sales representative
Visit us online:        www.HilverdaFlorist.com and @HilverdaFlorist

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we’ve taken precautionary measures to guarantee a comfortable and safe visit.


Plan a personalised digital tour

Get around internationally is not easy, but we’ve got you covered. Plan a personlised digital tour with one of our sales representatives. Book your timeslot and we’ll take you by video through our presentation in the greenhouse.

Plan now